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Jocelyne Larocque goes on rampage, refuses to wear Silver Medal


          Also robs food bank, burns down orphanage The nation never saw it coming. In perhaps the most devastating rampage by a Canadian athlete in recent times, Jocelyne Larocque refused to wear her silver medal after her Team Canada lost the gold medal game to Team USA, then went on to

Stephen McNeil promises free mudbaths to NS swing districts


            Premier vows to ‘invest in people’ as election talk heats up Voters in Kings South, Lunenburg, and Sackville-Beaverbank are in luck. Normally election time heralds government promises to build roads, or spend more money on the school system.  They may even hear sweeping promises for electoral reform. This time,

McNeil: Locking schools ‘will provide education’


          Above: Stephen McNeil announces Nova Scotia’s new ‘Enduring Closed Opportunities Initiative’ NS Education Department will ‘provide the experience that students need to endure jail time and lost opportunities’ Premier Stephen McNeil says he understands the issues parents face in Nova Scotia. On Saturday, he sought to reassure Nova Scotians on

Erdogan Blames Gulen Movement for Indigestion


President Curses ‘Treasonous dog’ for kebab-related mishap           Top: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan Below:  cleric Fethullah Gulen Below right: the kebab responsible for Erdogan’s stomach troubles                     President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey is a fierce man with an imposing stare. It is rare for him to publicly show

McCain to young voters: I told you I was cooler than Barack


McCain fundraiser Emily Pitha was arrested  Wednesday on charges of running a meth lab, and no one was more devastated than Senator John McCain. The hardest blow of all for the Arizona senator was dealing with what might have been. “If I had known John (Kyl) had a meth-cooker on his staff I could have

Ray Lewis appeals for focus on black-on-black crime

Cites ‘first-hand experience’ with one of America’s gravest problems. (Note: in a way, I understand Lewis’ words.  If you have something on your conscience, then you have the need to do the good that you can.  What Lewis says should not be disregarded.  However, his past hurts his standing on this issue.)   Ray Lewis

Academy: “We just picked the white people Hollywood sent out there.”

  Directors, studios deny prejudice Hollywood spokesmen turned out in force Monday to defend LA’s film industry, saying that the awards that some are calling “The whitest Oscars since the great bleach incident of ’54″ have been unfairly attacked. “Our industry is the most progressive in America,” said Blanche Bianchi Leblanc. “We strongly believe in

Stray cats bring dignity to G-20 Summit


World grateful for feline frankness in the midst of deceit The world watched in relief as three stray cats, managing to elude security, crossed the stage of the G-20 summit. In the process the creatures’ sobriety and dignity took global attention away from the assembled dignitaries. “At last, there’s something here that doesn’t offer unrealistic