Stephen McNeil promises free mudbaths to NS swing districts








Premier vows to ‘invest in people’ as election talk heats up

Voters in Kings South, Lunenburg, and Sackville-Beaverbank are in luck.

Normally election time heralds government promises to build roads, or spend more money on the school system.  They may even hear sweeping promises for electoral reform. This time, however, they have received the cherry on top of the Sunday: if Stephen McNeil is returned to power each registered voter in a swing riding will receive a government-funded spa treatment.

“If we won by less than 1,000 votes, you can expect a 4 hour spa session,” Premier McNeil promised during a Saturday campaign stop in Dartmouth Crossing. “If we won by less than 500, you can receive an additional half-hour massage and complementary mudbath.”

In addition, the premier promised that all mudbaths will be free of Alton Gas brine.

The opposition roundly denounced the move.

“This is taking politics to a dirty new low,” NDP leader Gary Burrill announced at a Lower Musquodoboit rally. “Stephen McNeil is literally muddying the waters in order to show his contempt for the public.”

PC leader Jamie Baillie struck a similar note, telling reporters “This is a deplorable abuse of taxpayer money,” adding “We will demand full accounting of all spa-related expenses.”

Liberals, however, lined up to support the proposal, with Education Minister Karen Casey boasting that “The NS Education system has fought tirelessly to produce graduates who might support this.”



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