Canadian government turns to Clinton to rescue failing email project


The federal department in charge of creating a single email-system for the Government of Canada is turning to US Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton after the project facing further delays with the roll out.

Shared Services Canada (SSC), which had planned for the Email Transformation Initiative (ETI) to be completed by March 2015, confirmed that they have made a formal request to the Democratic presumptive presidential nominee to help them complete the project which has been beset by numerous issues from its inception.

“We consider Ms. Clinton to the world’s authority on running email servers,” Shared Services president Ron Parker told reporters. “As you’re all aware, we’re in a bit of a difficult situation right now, and we believe that Ms. Clinton, just like her husband Bill, has a ton of experience being in, and getting out of, difficult situations.”

Ms. Clinton, who just today nominated US senator from Virginia Tim Kaine as her running mate, expressed her confidence in being able to fix the email problems facing the Government of Canada.

“I successfully managed the migration of emails to as Secretary of State,” Ms. Clinton told reporters. “And before that, as first lady, I oversaw the move from to”

“The transition went so smooth, people didn’t even realize that I had done it until many years later,” Ms. Clinton added.

SSC was set up by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2011 to consolidate the supply of email, data centre and network services to partner organizations in consolidate and standardized manner.

According SSC website, the email transformation initiative aims to migrate 43 Government of Canada partner departments and agencies from numerous email services to [email protected], “a common, modern, consolidated, secure, more reliable and more cost-effective email system.”

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