KPMG to buy CRA under privatization deal


KPMG, the accounting company implicated in an offshore tax evasion scandal, is set to purchase the Canada Revenue Agency, under a privatization deal announced today by the federal government.

Privatization of the CRA, which has recently come under fire for secretly offering the tax evaders involved in the KPMG scandal an amnesty, will save Canadian taxpayers billions of dollars while offering more streamlined services, according the government.

“KPMG virtually owns the CRA anyway,” Minister of National Revenue Diane Lebouthillier said. “So we thought it just made sense to sell it to them outright.”

“The acquisition of CRA positions KPMG as a leader in tax evasion, significantly expanding our suite of dirty tricks and providing us with the access required to protect our clients wealth from the taxman,” William B. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of KPMG said. “New forms of tax evasion schemes also need to be readily available to the large corporations and their CEOs. By leveraging the powers of the revenue agency, KPGM will equip wealthy Canadians with tax evasion solutions that are designed with their specific needs in mind and help them compete in the evolving offshore tax haven marketplace.”

Leader of the official opposition Rona Ambrose dismissed the move by the Liberals to sell off CRA to KPMG as merely an attempt by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cover up “the mountain of debt,” created by “uncontrolled, permanent, new spending,” and not a genuine attempt to help Canadian job creators.

“While we welcome the move by the Liberals to end the government monopoly on taxation, we are worried that the proceeds of the sale will be spent in a reckless and irresponsible way by the finance minister and the prime minister who are not able to make the decisions that they need to make today to respect taxpayers’ money,” Ambrose said on Parliament Hill. “You can count on Conservatives to fight for a jobs plan by cutting taxes – since we are the ones on the hook to pay for this out of control Liberal spending.”

8 Responses to KPMG to buy CRA under privatization deal

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought Harper sold the CRA to KPMG long time ago, around the same time he sold Canada to China.

  2. shay warrior says:

    so does this mean KPMG unlike the rest of canadians will keep their illegal money and now they will continue to keep money off shore with complete immunity since they wont investigate themselves and now even their clients have immunity since they wont investigate them either… sounds to me like a conflict of interest.

  3. Ron B says:

    Does this mean that my OAS will be delayed due to being mailed from the Caymans? Hey! They’ll save on the postage as well. And if you get called in for an audit, will they pay return fare from wherever they find the bst tax haven.

  4. Di says:

    Pretty sure this is some sort of satire site given the different articles you can read on it. lol

  5. Caroline Covell says:

    If the CRA now a private corporation, all the laws, acts, regulations, and everything that tie it to the ministry of national resources should be annulled. Otherwise, the people will use them to oppress and bring suffering to their fellowmen. Right now, it is very visible how the CRA has been abusing the people, fraud the people, and do what they like because as a private company, it is banking on the minister who should have not ties to the CRA. As a private company, the CRA has to be treated as a private company, not a public agency. This explains why the RCMP keeps telling you that it is “private matter.” They never tell you that CRA is no longer a public institution. The problem is, they have your tax money and will use it to make sure you are living in hell. This is very unacceptable! What do you think. All the ministers are “clueless” anyway.

  6. Selina says:

    Great information. Lucky me I reach on your own site by accident,
    I bookmarked it.

  7. Caroline says:

    Yes. Harper created a CRA Corp., a private company operates inside the CRA. The executives are former deputy minister (William Baker, the commissioner and CEO), and members of the board of management are former politicians, including Kerry-Lynne Findlay, former Minister of National Revenue. The personnel are the political staffs. They have no purpose, no mission, no objectives, but simply to take over the CRA and the CPP. The work without rules and regulations, without standard and professionalism. They started by targeting their victims through political auditing, and robbing them by freezing and seizing their bank accounts. The police, lawyers, accountants contribute to their fraudulent audit and the way the scam and fraud their victims. They started by sending “custom made” HST form then vouchers. As of last year, they send custome made Notice of Assessment to all. Thhey, from the beginning, duplicate people’s HST number and SIN and transfer all the taxes people pay to their bank accounts, transfer people CPP to their bank accounts (people will no longer receive CPP), and also transfer people unused social benefits to their bank accounts. You pay taxes, they transfer to their bank account electornically. They do things illegally.

  8. KPMG is 1000% liberal; they only hire Hillary and Obama supporters and are totally against Trump’s immigration policies; if you’re a Trump Supporter, do not apply for them.

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