Alberta Kudatah: Walmart Pooch overthrows Notley


Hoontah leader Clark appointed Supreme Leader

Albertans woke up this morning to the news that Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley, who was sworn in as Premier of the province last May, had fled Alberta following the Walmart Pooch, while the hoontah that led the kudatah had appointed their leader George Clark as the Supreme Leader.

“We will make alberta grate again!” Clark pledged in a released statement. “We have toppled the NDP soshalist rijeem. Albertans from coast to coast to coast will selabrate the birth of a new eera.”

The hoontah began their thrust to gain power in the province yesterday after millions of Notley’s opponents gathered at a Walmart parking lot in Calgary.

Meanwhile, Notley told sent a message to her supporters saying that she was safe after arriving in Manitoba, where the province’s NDP premier Greg Selinger had offered her asylum.

But Clark promised to “bring Notley to justis” for what she had done to Alberta.

“Notley is responsable for the katastrofic drop in globle oil prices,” Clark’s statement published on the hoontah’s Facebook page added.

“Could have been different if she had just formalized a normal relationship with the people she was supposed to represent,” Clark supporter Donna Penosky wrote the on the Hoontah’s “Stand Up For Alberta” Facebook page. “She can muzzle the media but she cannot and will not muzzle the people…freedom is a right that she cannot take from Albertan’s because we are too strong…she has to look herself in the mirror someday and what will she see…that it could have been different and that her failure to listen and care was indeed self inflicted.”

“She might have title but only a fleating moment in time…our world is in conflict and when we really needed a leader she wasn’t there for support,” Penosky added. “Her legacy yet to be determined. Support is a two way street and she has just been given a red light..”

Her sentiment’s seem to echo that of the Hoontah.

“Soshalist aidyologies mixed with self induljans, iresponsable and lack of conshuns government will not destroy our heritij! WE ARE ALBERTA, CANADIANS!” Clark’s statement concluded. “We have endured the good and bad but we will not accept you’re blatant ridacule and hewmiliashan of our people! Our ansesters that created this country will be proud by our ditterminashun and pride!”

5 Responses to Alberta Kudatah: Walmart Pooch overthrows Notley

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not nice to make fun of red necks who can’t spell.

  2. Terry says:

    What a bunch of tools, blame Notely for global oil prices, how absurd. I’m so sick of Albertans who think they are the almighty supreme power. If you take a look at your birth certificate you will nearly all see you are from another place in the world. You all decided on your own free will to run to Alberta to be rich, well maybe you Rocket Scientists should have saved some for a rainy day. Too bad, your now a want province, trouble is you want to much, like pigs to the trough. Suck it up buttercup.

  3. Terry says:

    And this isn’t meant about all Albertans, just the not to bright ones.

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