Liberal government to ban use of term “Islamic State”


The Liberal government will introduce legislation to ban the use of “Islamic State” to refer to the terror group who have taken over large swathes of land in Syria and Iraq and are linked to the recent spate of terror attacks in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today.

“The ‘Islamic’ in Islamic State is extremely offensive to Muslim Canadians,” Trudeau told reporters in Ottawa. “Islam is a religion of peace.”

He added that the term “state” could be a trigger for Muslims who feel that they are bearing the brunt of state oppression, therefore, the new legislation will require the insurgents to be referred to as the “Peaceful Paradise.”

Turning on to the issue of Syrian refugees, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan announced that government has immediately halted screening candidates for the resettlement program.

“Screening is a form of discrimination,” Sajjan said. “As well, many refugee applicants found the screening questions intrusive and a serious violation of their privacy.”

Trudeau rebuked CBC’s Kady O’Malley for questioning if the elimination of the screening process would allow Peaceful Paradise terrorists to slip into Canada disguised as refugees.

“It’s offensive to label the actions of Peaceful Paradise as terrorism,” Trudeau said. “It’s a coping mechanism for dealing with the generational trauma caused during the crusades. As a Catholic, I apologize for the actions of the crusaders.”

“What they are fighting for is social justice,” Trudeau said. “Accordingly, we should call them social justice warriors.”

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